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The Equipped CAD Manager
from Cadalyst

Find Out
What's Next in
CAD Management

CAD managers face challenges that go far beyond CAD,
including management of design solutions, employees, hardware,
training, standards, and more. Cadalyst offers you strategic and practical
advice to help you manage communications, software, hardware, 
CAD standards, training, and budgets. 

New Resources for CAD Managers
from DraftSight by SOLIDWORKS

Your CAD solution plays a critical role in helping your organization succeed in a competitive global market.

Learn about new design and operational capabilities to support business growth as well as options for flexible licensing and cloud-connectivity.

Which DraftSight is Right for You?

DraftSight Insights: Lynn Allen Answers Which DraftSight is Right for You?

DS-NEWFrom DraftSight Professional (2D CAD) to DraftSight Enterprise+  or 3DEXPERIENCE DraftSight, what version of DraftSight is right for you? 

6 Reasons to Make the Move to DraftSight

DraftSight Insights: Lynn Allen Gives 6 Reasons to Make the Move to DraftSight!

Technology Evangelist Lynn Allen shares the top 6 reasons to make the switch to DraftSight. Discover how easy the transition to DraftSight can be. 

5 Fast Facts about DraftSight

5 Fast Facts About DraftSight

Designers and engineers around the world rely on DraftSight for best-in-class 2D design. DraftSight makes it easy to be productive with powerful time-saving functionalities, an API to accelerate your design projects, and seamless compatibility with SOLIDWORKS.

Common Business Challenges

Common Business Challenges

Growing a business is complicated, and technology investments are one of the most critical tools in alleviating business challenges  and  moving  an  organization  forward. Find out how DraftSight 2D CAD software helps organizations  address business challenges.

Robert Green has been helping CAD managers do their jobs better for more than two decades. His CAD Manager's Newsletter delivers practical advice about communicating with IT, management, and users; managing CAD software and hardware; career advancement; CAD standards; user training; budgeting; and much more. 

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With DraftSight’s familiar user interface and common commands, your team will be acclimated in hours, not days. Increase ROI without sacrificing quality or productivity all while expanding team access to CAD with flexible licensing options and the ability to purchase more seats with lighter hardware requirements. Learn more details about DraftSight product features.

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